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M1 Abrams RC Toy Airsoft Tank

The M1 Abrams (named after an American general) came into service in the 1980s as the main battle tank for the US armed forces worldwide. It was a big change in terms of design, armour, targetting and even the power unit that ran the tank itself. America needed a new tank that would suit fast paced combat in the European theater based on the threat of the Cold War going "hot" and the former Soviet Union invading with a massed tank attack through East Germany. This never happened (thank God) but the threat was enough to drive development of this tank.

Two of the most impressive features of the M1 Abrams over previous battle tanks was the use of a jet turbine engine to power the tank and the use of a new type of armor called Chobham. The engine gave it incredible power (1500hp) and propel the tank around at up to 72kmh. The Chobham armor improved the M1 Abrams ability to withstand most types of enemy fire due to the fact that it's a composite armor made up of steel, ceramics, plastics and kevlar - in different layers. This combination is tougher than plate steel.

The first and second Gulf War has seen the M1 Abrams prove itself against enemy armour time and time again. A single Abrams was more than capable of destroying several Iraqi tanks without suffering any harm. The tank did need to be modified for close urban combat though.

The M1 is currently slated to stay in active service with the US military until about 2050 although that depends on what funding for other projects being cancelled.

m1 abrams rc toy tank
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This radio controlled M1 Abrams is 1/16 scale and is made of heavy duty ABS plastic with a 340 degree swiveling turret that fires up to 10 feet and built in lighting so you can motor away even in the dark.




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